The Mission

Your Vote, Your Voice, Our Future

My mission is to ensure that your voice and your vision reaches City Hall and that the City's plans & actions reflect your long-term vision for Morgan Hill.



Preserving the Essence of Morgan Hill

Our small town is a gem and has big opportunities and big issues coming our way in the next few years that will reshape us. Key discussions revolving around Housing, Economic Development, Infrastructure, the Monterey Corridor, and Open Space are happening now. While we cannot preserve our town as it was, we can and should preserve the essence of Morgan Hill.


Currently serving on the Morgan Hill Planning Commission and being a long time resident, I am familiar with how our City functions. As an Economic Development and Urban Planner I also understand the levers for change. It is imperative that your voice is represented and someone with city planning experience like myself is committed to advocating for Morgan Hill. I am honored to have the opportunity to serve my community and the challenge to ensure our prosperous future. I am all in, and all for, the only place I call home- Morgan Hill!


Come to join me as we fulfill this Mission!