About Yvonne

Morgan Hill shaped me into who I am today. The country life, the warmth, and unity of our small town community.


After having had the immense learning and rewarding opportunity to serve on the Morgan Hill Planning Commission, I'm taking that experience and doubling down on my commitment to serve the community that built me.


Like you, I love this town. I am a long time resident and while I left for college and lived in suburban and urban cities domestically and abroad, Morgan Hill has been the only home to my family and I for over 30 years. I attended our schools, P.A. Walsh, Britton Middle School and Live Oak High School, and grew up in District B, the district where I am running! I completed my undergraduate studies at San Diego State University and earned my Masters in Urban Planning in Economic Development at NYU. My background is in Urban and Economic Development Planning, Real Estate and Business Development. I am a Planner, a City Planning Commissioner, a Mother, a Wife (of a Silicon Valley commuter), a Small Business Proponent, a Youth, Senior and Community Advocate, a Latina, an Outdoor Enthusiast and a Friend.


While I realize we can't preserve Morgan Hill the way it is or was, we can preserve the essence of Morgan Hill so our community continues to build our children and grandchildren and they can grow, live, work and play here too.


With your support, I seek to bring another perspective to City leadership, with an open mind to your ideas. To better capture the City's "essence," we need to cast a wider net to capture your various resident perspectives and input in our decision making. The next few years will bring change and that calls for all hands on deck to shape Morgan Hill. I hope as this community always has, you will join me and continue to support and motivate me to give my best to Morgan Hill.


In Friendship and Community,